Community Outreach a Focus for FCEC

One of the most rewarding features of FCEC’s program is our community outreach component, where our team has the opportunity to interact with and educate the general public about contamination issues in and around the Palos Verdes Shelf.

Since our last newsletter FCEC has attended two public events, where our team had the opportunity to mingle and discuss healthy fish consumption with local community members.

At the Sustainable Seafood Event held at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach on Saturday, March 6, FCEC was on hand to pass out literature and talk to attendees about our program. Hundreds of people attended the event, many of whom stopped by our booth to learn about FCEC.

The focus of our participation in the event was to educate people about the potential dangers of eating contaminated fish caught near the Palos Verdes Shelf.

“It’s good information to know. I didn’t know about the contamination of the fish in the area,” said Diana, a mother of two young children.

The Sustainable Seafood Event was part of the Sustainable Seafood Day, where events take place every year in the region.

But FCEC didn’t stop there and on March 13 our team participated in the L.A. Environmental Education Fair held at the Los Angeles Arboretum. A diverse event, many different environmental groups and eco-oriented businesses were in attendance.

“I will be more cautious about what fish to throw back,” Antonio of Baldwin Park told FCEC. “It’s great information!”

FCEC reached over 130 community members, handed out dozens of information packets and even gathered newsletter sign-ups for those who want to keep up on the program’s happenings.

“A lot of people who do eat fish, including fishermen, probably don’t know about the contamination problem,” said Jackie of San Marino.  “The program is great for putting the information out there.”

Such feedback is important to our program and we hope that future events allow us to continue spreading the word about Palos Verdes Shelf issues as well as FCEC’s ongoing work.

“It’s very good to know what’s safe to eat and not eat,” added Sika Pacheo, a mother of a three year old who attended the Sustainable Seafood Fair in Long Beach. “We fish and eat the fish and we have children in our home.”

Click here to view more photos from the event.

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  • Jackie Keller

    Really enjoyed meeting you folks at the health fair at the L.A. Arboretum. Thanks for coming out and making information available on the safety of our seafood supply!

  • FCEC

    Hi Jackie, we enjoyed the L.A. Environmental Education Fair held at the Los Angeles Arboretum! We were able to spread the word to many community members about human health risks posed by local fish contamination.