I Smell A Topsmelt (But I Won’t Be Eating It)

Remember our earlier video on the white croaker?  It’s a fish caught off of the Palos Verdes Shelf in Southern California that you should not eat.

Here’s a video with tips on identifying another fish: the topsmelt.  It may be a small fish, but like the white croaker, it’s highly contaminated with chemicals called DDT and PCBs.  If you want to easily identify it, look for a dark stripe that runs down the length of its body.

We have versions of this video with ChineseVietnamese and Spanish subtitles on our YouTube channel.  And while you’re watching, be sure to share this video with others; you’ll help to keep them informed on fish contamination in Southern California.

There will also be more videos to help you identify other highly contaminated fish, so be on the lookout for them!


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