Have No Fear – Safe Fish to Eat Are Here

So far, FCEC has provided you with videos that help you identify fish you should not eat, such as the white croaker and the topsmelt. Now, we’ve launched a page to highlight fish caught off of the Palos Verdes Shelf that are reasonably safe to eat–as long as they are prepared properly and consumed in moderation.

Our Healthy Fish to Eat page has information on fish in Southern California that are safe to eat with certain restrictions.  We’ve included information on each species’ usual habitats and some suggestions on bait and tackle.

If you do happen to catch these fish, remember to follow these guidelines in order to protect your health: prepare them properly, only eat the skinless fillets, and don’t eat these fish more than once a week.

Here are a few interesting ones; check out our page to see the rest:

California Scorpionfish


Shovelnose Guitarfish

What do you think?  Any thoughts or questions?  Leave a comment below.


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