The Barred Sand Bass: Common and Contaminated

We have another fish identification video for you!  This time, it’s about the barred sand bass, a very common sportfish in Southern California.

The barred sand bass is contaminated with DDT and PCBs, so it’s not safe for eating if caught between fishing areas from Santa Monica to Seal Beach.  Those who are fishing north of Santa Monica and south of Seal Beach can check our fish consumption advisory for a different set of guidelines.

For helpful tips on how to tell this fish from other species, watch the video below.

Versions of this video with Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese subtitles are on our YouTube channel.  You can check out videos of the white croaker and topsmelt on there as well.

If you have any questions about the barred sand bass or other fish, shoot us a comment below.  And please help us spread this information by sharing this video with others.


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