Mapping the Coast: Introducing our FCEC Map

FCEC MapDid you know our site now features a new page that shows information that will be useful to everyone, from anglers to families?  We proudly unveil the FCEC map, which highlights a few things:

Pier Locations by Zone

We often mention how fish consumption guidelines vary by fishing zone: white croaker, barred sand bass, topsmelt, black croaker and barracuda should not be eaten if caught from the red zone.   Black croaker and barracuda should also not be eaten if caught from the yellow zone.

What might have been difficult to figure out though, was which zone your pier falls under.  Now, you can use our FCEC map to determine that information.  All piers from Ventura Harbor to San Clemente Point are marked according to zone.

Bait & Tackle Shops

Not sure if there are any bait & tackle shops near your house or a certain pier?  The FCEC map marks those locations as well; just look for a fish-head and rod.

Community Organizations

The map also highlights several community organizations, including angling clubs, environmental organizations, aquariums and ethnic wellness services.  The United Anglers of Southern California, Heal the Bay, Cabrillo Marine AquariumAquarium of the Pacific and Boat People SOS are all on there.

We hope you will use this map frequently; it’s there not only to help you determine which fishing zone a pier is located within, but also to serve as a directory for places related to fishing, the ocean and public health.

If you have any suggestions for additional locations that would be useful to you, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email us.

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