Outreach to Sport Anglers About Safe Fish to Eat

Fishing is a great sport and provides us all with an enjoyable, active and healthy hobby. FCEC is here not only to promote fishing and the consumption of safe fish to eat, but to also protect the public’s health by reducing the risk of consuming local contaminated fish. Last year, was the first year we partnered with Marina del Rey Anglers to start building awareness of local contaminated fish and promote healthy fishing practices. In the past year, Marina del Rey Anglers, FCEC and Los Anglers joined forces again to reach out to the sport angling community by promoting healthy and safe fishing habits and even added a fun raffle to go along with the outreach!

Marina del Rey Anglers collected 500 commitment letters from anglers pledging to fish responsibly, respect our marine environment and fisheries, release local contaminated fish and keep and consume only safe fish to eat.  Additionally, Marina del Rey Anglers collected over 300 surveys at a number of fishing related events. To sweeten the deal, MDRA secured a brand new Avet Reel to raffle off to local sport anglers who participated in the survey. Way to go MDRA!

Congratulations to Brian S. from Simi Valley who won the reel! We hope to see you using your new reel in fishing photos at www.LosAnglers.org.

Did you know you can post your fishing photos on www.LosAnglers.org too? Show off your latest catches using your fishing gear!

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  • Keith Lambert

    MDR Anglers is happy to work with EPA and on the LosAnglers web site. Unfortunately it is offline at the moment.
    To learn about ways you can help today with fish aquaculture and wildlife enhancement please see this link… https://www.crowdrise.com/mdr-fishpens/

    We are working hard to restock white seabass into the nearshore and off shore waters of southern California. Working with Hubbs-SeaWorld and DFW.

  • smith41445@bk.ru

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