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FCEC DisplayWould you like to join us in protecting the public against fish contamination?  FCEC is now offering Booth in a Box; this is a perfect way for organizations to provide information on the Palos Verdes Shelf contamination and fish consumption guidelines with little effort and no cost.

If you’re an angling club hosting a workshop, a community organization attending a health fair, or an environmental group planning an educational event, contact us about obtaining a Booth in a Box.  The Booth in a Box contains all of our relevant education materials: brochures, tip cards, eNewsletter sign-up sheets and stickers.  We also offer our materials in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.  Once you receive the Booth in a Box, all that you will need to do is set up a table and distribute the materials.

Whether you love fishing or are passionate about protecting the public against toxic chemicals, you can help to inform your community about fish contamination.  Booth in a Box is easy to participate in, but goes a long way toward keeping your families, friends and neighbors safe.

To obtain a Booth in a Box for your organization, contact Jeanette Garcia at or call (562) 597-0205.

Have questions about this program?  Not sure if your organization is right for this opportunity? Email us or leave a comment below.