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From July 22, 2012 to June 2, 2013 the FCEC Pier Outreach Evaluation team collected 670 surveys from anglers in the red zone extending from Seal Beach Pier to Santa Monica Pier. The objective was to investigate the differences between anglers who received outreach with the local fish contamination information from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and Heal the Bay compared to anglers who did not receive outreach.

Although respondents across the entire sample reflected a high level of awareness (49% or higher) of Do Not Consume (DNC) fish, FCEC was particularly interested in how our outreach efforts, specifically, impacted the level of contamination awareness. After careful evaluation of the data, pier anglers who received outreach did in fact show a significantly greater awareness of fish contamination across the five DNC fish species compared to anglers who did not. For those who received outreach, the difference of greater awareness ranged from 13% – 19% per DNC fish species.

In addition to higher awareness levels to those who had received outreach, we wanted to evaluate the pier angler’s intentions with the DNC fish. Results for intentions to throw back DNC fish and to [not] give DNC fish to family or friends provided further evidence that anglers who did receive outreach were more likely to do the desired outcome compared to those who did not receive outreach. For the full report, click here.

Given the Pier Outreach Evaluation results, FCEC’s pier outreach has proved to be effective in protecting the public from health risks of consuming local contaminated fish. Take a look at FCEC’s Pier Outreach Team in action informing pier anglers of the local fish contamination throughout the year by taking a look at the photo slideshow below!

FCEC has been working hard to increase public outreach and education for anglers who are vulnerable to consuming contaminated fish species from the Palos Verdes Shelf Superfund Site: white croaker, black croaker, topsmelt, barred sand bass and barracuda. FCEC coordinated a recent training session with our outreach partners, the Marina Del Rey Anglers. Over the course of the meeting, members of the Marina Del Rey Anglers learned how to conduct a 2-minute survey to anglers who have and have-not received outreach from FCEC. The purpose of these short surveys is to provide FCEC support in better measuring the effectiveness of outreach on awareness of Do Not Consume (DNC) fish and intentions with DNC fish. Additionally, anglers who had received outreach in the past were asked to sign a commitment letter to only eat healthy fish.


Check out some of the photos from the meeting here: