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On Thursday September 15, 2011, FCEC stakeholders, representatives and partners gathered in downtown Long Beach at the NOAA office for the annual Strategic Planning Meeting. The meeting was facilitated by Lori Lewis (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]), who had been keeping the Strategic Planning Meetings running smoothly for more than seven years now. Since this year marks the Institutional Controls’ 10 Year Anniversary, Carmen White (EPA) kicked off the meeting with an overview of what has been accomplished and where FCEC is headed. Next, Gabrielle Dorr (Montrose Settlements Restoration Program [MSRP]) spoke about MSRP’s past year successes, including bald eagle triplets hatching among the Channel Islands. Marita Santos (Los Angeles County Public Health) took the podium next to update the group on pier signage progress. Presentations on angler outreach followed. A number of presenters then spoke on enforcement and monitoring. Concluding the morning session was a spirited presentation on Fishermen Appreciation Day delivered by Frankie Orrala (Heal the Bay).

Hard hat awards were presented to a handful of organizations to recognize their longstanding contributions to FCEC efforts (and other efforts related to mitigating the effects of the PV Shelf which came before FCEC, or as Gwangyu Wang said “…long before FCEC.”)  Award recipients included Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), Heal the Bay, Los Angeles County Public Health, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.

After refueling with lunch, meeting attendees broke out into four smaller groups. Each group engaged in topic discussions related to three project components: angler outreach, fish tissue sampling and market inspections. Groups brainstormed ideas about how their organizations could help with each of these efforts and how each of these efforts could contribute to their own work. Groups reconvened at the end of each topic discussion to share ideas and identify common themes. The meeting concluded with a discussion of next steps (not to mention an erroneous fire alarm.) Congratulations to everyone involved on 10 years of ICs efforts!

HCC Staff at the Chinese New Year Festival in San Gabriel, CAWe know that we feature our partner organizations a lot, but that is because we love to share the amazing work they do.

Introducing Herald Community Center

Herald Community Center (HCC) helps FCEC conduct educational outreach to Chinese communities in Southern California.  Even outside of the projects they work on for us, Herald Community Center members are doing a lot of good.

HCC is a division of Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, an international faith-based organization that provides support to communities by integrating service with evangelistic efforts through a wide range of free services, such as: civil legal consultations, cancer support groups, and low cost activities that include summer school programs, a youth basketball club and a praise and worship group etc.

Its affiliate, Herald Monthly, is a popular Chinese publication with a worldwide circulation of more than 500,000 per month.

Protecting Public Health

HCC is also dedicated to protecting the health of its community members.  The Herald Cancer Association—one of its subgroups—offers cancer screenings and care training programs; the association’s members run a helpline and educational materials library as well.

Another subgroup, Herald Christian Health Center (HCHC), provides primary care, dental services and alternative medicine to low income individuals and the uninsured.

Community Health Day by the HCHC Clinic

In 2004, the HCHC Clinic organized its first Community Health Day, where staffs encouraged attendees to mind their health byoffering free screenings for various conditions.

Rebecca Soong, our community liaison, described HCC as a center that helps the community in a holistic way: “We follow a ‘Holistic Education, Holistic Concern’ approach; that is why we have free services and support groups in addition to our training programs and community activities.”

Rebecca also commented on FCEC’s importance to Herald Community Center: “By working with the FCEC to educate our community members about fish contamination, we’re protecting their health.  We want to improve the lives of people in the Chinese community and reducing consumption of contaminated fish is one way to do that.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Herald Community Center and its services, visit HCC’s website or call (626) 286-2600.  And for resources on fish contamination in the Chinese language, take a look at FCEC’s educational materials or email

Lunar New Year was on February 3, 2011 and we hope those who celebrated had a happy one.  Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated by many Asian cultures and marks the end of the winter season.

Like the Western New Year, many people wish each other future prosperity and happiness.  Other traditions include cleaning the house to sweep away ill fortunes, giving money in red envelopes to loved ones as tokens of luck, and honoring elders and ancestors.

Lunar New Year and Fish Contamination?

So what does Lunar New Year have to do with FCEC or fish contamination?

Two of our partners attended Lunar New Year festivals and set up displays with information about FCEC and fish contamination.

Since fishermen can be of any heritage, we think it’s important to educate people of all cultures about fish contamination.  Lunar New Year–a holiday where people hope for good health and fortune–especially fits with our goals of reducing the consumption of contaminated fish and keeping people healthy.

Herald Community Center at the Chinese New Year Festival

Representatives from Herald Community Center (HCC) attended the Chinese New Year Festival in San Gabriel, CA on Saturday, February 5.  HCC reaches out to the Chinese community on behalf of FCEC.  Check out photos of the event in the slideshow below; we hope you love the reps’ bright orange vests as much as we do.

Boat People SOS at the Tết Festival

Boat People SOS (BPSOS)–our partner who reaches out to the Vietnamese community–attended the Tết Festival in Garden Grove, CA from February 4-6; Tết is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.  You can see pictures of FCEC’s display at BPSOS’ booth in the photos below.

Looking for educational materials from FCEC that are in languages other than English?  Visit our Educational Materials Library or email us at

We talk about fishing and fish contamination here at FCEC quite a bit. We address complex issues, environmental impacts and sustainability. But at the heart of all of this is health, human health to be exact.

When our environment is healthy, we are also more likely to be healthy. That’s why we work hard to educate the public about best practices when it comes to the types of fish people consume.

This weekend join in FCEC’s efforts by supporting our partners at Herald Christian Health Center in San Gabriel between 9 and 11:30 am, where the Center will be hosting a community health fair.

Be on the lookout for FCEC materials which will educate attendees about the risks of consuming contaminated fish. It’s sure to be a healthy and fun event – and we promise you’ll be leaving with plenty of cool (and educational) items to take home with you!

For more information, please visit the FCEC monthly calendar.

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