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FCEC presenting to the LBYC Anglers

Do you remember FCEC’s visit with the Saltwater Fly Rodders last month? We talked about the contamination off of the Palos Verdes Shelf and gave their members ways to reduce consumption of contaminated fish.

Last Wednesday, FCEC visited another organization: the Long Beach Yacht Club Anglers. The Anglers had scheduled their monthly dinner and invited us to present to over 75 of their members.

The club was founded in 1963 as an interest group for fishing enthusiasts organized under the Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC). Currently, the Anglers have over 250 members and are the largest group within LBYC.

Charitable activities are important to their members: they donate fishing equipment to underprivileged children and educate individuals abroad who are interested in the sport.

The Anglers also promote public health by organizing fundraising tournaments for the City of Hope and Team Spirit Breast and Ovarian Cancer Walk.

Passing It On

At the meeting, our team member, Codi, met Dick, who is a Fishing Merit Badge counselor for the Boy Scouts. He found the information helpful for himself and his scouts: “I think it’s very important…I run into this all the time. This information is something I am certainly going to pass along to the kids when going through their merit badge.”

People like Dick and other Anglers of the Long Beach Yacht Club help us to spread our message past the organizations we visit and into the greater community. The more that people know about local fish contamination, the greater the chance of reducing health risk.

Thank you LBYC Anglers for having us and keep up the great work!