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The smell of salty fish is still in the air from the many fish biting last month at the 60th Annual Kid’s Fishing Rodeo and the 22nd Annual Seal Beach Youth Fishing Derby. As a long held tradition, these fishing derbies aim to get kids hooked on fishing at an early age. Through the fun and friendly competitions, young anglers are encouraged to show off their budding fishing skills and develop a lifelong passion for fishing.

Youth fishing derbies such as these are also a great way for FCEC to send home positive messages about fishing while educating local community members about the local Do Not Consume (DNC) fish. Parents and children were given information about which local fish are safe or not safe to eat and put their learning to practice by playing our fish identification game!

Check out the photo slideshow to see all the fun!

Last month, our Angler Outreach Team conducted their first fishing session. Fishing sessions are a new and interactive way for FCEC to provide outreach to local anglers on how to target safe fish to eat. By bringing the information to the piers and providing a hands-on learning experience, the Angler Outreach Team can directly make an impact on anglers’ behaviors.

“Fishing sessions are a really cool type of outreach. It’s different, and they [anglers] like learning about what type of fish they catch in this area,” reported an Angler Outreach Team member from Heal the Bay.

When fish are caught during the fishing sessions, they are placed into a glass tank for anglers and kids to see. The tank provides an up-close and personal way to help anglers properly identify fish species. Many children have enjoyed “touching the live fish during the fish identification,” portion of the session, and anglers have expressed that they “like having someone out on the pier showing them how to target different fish species that are healthy to eat,”  says an Angler Outreach Team member from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

The sessions provide both a fun and educational experience for all. Fishing sessions are fit for first time anglers, families and experienced anglers looking to refresh their fishing knowledge. Come join us at the next fishing session with our Angler Outreach Team to learn more about fishing and how to catch the safe fish to eat!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and event calendar for upcoming fishing sessions. And while you’re waiting for the next fishing session to arrive, check out some of these actions shots from our latest fishing sessions:

Why worry about “June gloom” when you can, “June zoom,” over to some fun and eco-conscious activities? Whether you’re in the mood for a concert or a contest, a day on the ocean or a night at the aquarium, we’ve got a line-up that will start your summer off right.

>> Come and Say Aloha on June 3 at the 9th annual Pacific Islander Festival hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific. Get shaking with multi-cultural dancing, games, art and food!

>> For something soothing, drift away on June 7 to the sounds of the ocean and the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra for “Sounds and Spaces,” ant the Aquarium of the Pacific.

>> Obey the law of the lake for a chance at $2000 in cash prizes. Head out to Convict Lake on June 8-10 for the Hangman’s Bonus Fishing Derby.

>> A day late but not at all short, celebrate World Ocean Day on June 9, at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium or join the beach party at the Santa Monica Pier’s Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival. Both filled with facts and fun for the whole family.

>> Come and appreciate Dads, fisherman—or both. The 3rd annual Fisherman’s Appreciation Day has a day’s worth of FREE family fun on June 16 at the Venice Pier The on the June 17, sign dad up for The Father’s Day BBQ at the Aquarium of the Pacific!

>> Sea lions and dolphins and sharks, oh my! Sign up for adventure with Catalina Above and Below at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium on June 23 and get up close and personal with SoCal’s marine animals.

>> It’s a day at the beach they will never forget. Youth Fishing Day on June 24 at Fisherman’s Village will teach your kids how to fish for a lifetime with free fishing, bait, rods, reels and parking!

Check out additional information about these events, and more, on our FCEC calendar. It looks like it’s going to be a cool summer!

Which events will you be attending this month? Share with us below!

*Photo is courtesy of Naples News.

FCEC is excited to announce the launch of a new website that puts anglers and Los Angeles in the spotlight: introducing,! is a go-to resource for fishing in Southern California. Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned pro, offers practical tips and important information while creating an online gathering place for the local angling community to connect with other fishing enthusiasts and groups. Before you dive into the new site, we’d like to introduce you to a few things you’ll love about

The “All About Fish” section offers lots of useful information about some of the most popular fish you’re likely to catch in our local waters such as, sizes, weights, nicknames, where to find them and how to tell them apart. While each fish entry will feature an illustration in “All About Fish” section, the “Angler Gallery” offers you a chance to show off your own catches and share them with your friends and the rest of the LosAnglers community!

Along with information about the fish, also highlights information about popular fishing locations in Southern California and fishing locations with scenic views, surfing, shopping and dining. With a quick click you’ll be able to use to plan the perfect fishing trip for your buddies or your family, or look for a new fishing spot to call your own.

Finally, the “Questions and Anglers” section offers a moderated forum where you can ask questions and or provide advice to other anglers about fishing.

Putting it all together, is an exciting place that will help turn many diverse fishing groups of California into an active and supportive community!

We’re excited to see the LosAnglers community grow! Share what you think about the new website and what your favorite page is in the Comment section below!