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If you’ve been out on the piers and the beaches from Santa Monica to Seal Beach in the last year, then you’ve probably seen FCEC’s signs that help to identify fish species that are especially prone to chemical contamination. The reason we know you’ve probably seen them is that in addition to placing the sings, we’ve been sending our team, with help from the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and Heal the Bay, out to measure the sign’s effectiveness. And guess what? They are working!

In the course of our research, we interviewed anglers and beach goers asking them if they had seen the signs, what they remembered about them and if they planned to change their behavior. Meanwhile, we compared that data against the number of sings we place, where we placed them, and other media that has supported the message.

To share the results in a clear and fun way we translated the data into an easy to read info-sheet. This sheet can be shared though FCEC and our partners, with each other and our communities, to show the real progress we are making towards changing how anglers are choosing and sharing their catches with their friends and family. Take a look at the info sheet to see the results for yourself and tell us if the pier signs have helped you or your friends when you’ve been fishing in Southern California!


For FCEC’s Partners Meeting on January 24, we acknowledged some changes in our team: the departure of Howard Wang, who has been with the project since 2008, Mark Gold moving from Heal the Bay to join UCLA’s sustainability team, and of course, saying goodbye to our outgoing Project Manager, Carmen White, and welcoming Judy Huang in her place.

In her parting words, Carmen acknowledged FCEC as a cutting edge program and noted that the important connections created between community members, local, state and federal agencies has made this program what it is today.

After Judy was announced as the new project manager, each of the Partners took a moment to introduce themselves and their roles in FCEC. Following these announcements and introductions, the Partners presented updates on several programs and discussed two great successes of recent projects: the Pier Sign Evaluation and updated Tip Card. We are happy to report that the pier signs are working, and anglers are taking away the key messages of the pier signs.

Coupled with the updated Tip Card, that now provides a link directing people to safe fish to eat in other areas, FCEC’s efforts are starting to see strong signs of influence in anglers making safe and informed choices of the fish they catch and eat.

And speaking of eats, check out our Partner’s Meeting slideshow below to see how our meeting was an event that called for cake!