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FCEC is excited to announce the launch of a new website that puts anglers and Los Angeles in the spotlight: introducing,! is a go-to resource for fishing in Southern California. Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned pro, offers practical tips and important information while creating an online gathering place for the local angling community to connect with other fishing enthusiasts and groups. Before you dive into the new site, we’d like to introduce you to a few things you’ll love about

The “All About Fish” section offers lots of useful information about some of the most popular fish you’re likely to catch in our local waters such as, sizes, weights, nicknames, where to find them and how to tell them apart. While each fish entry will feature an illustration in “All About Fish” section, the “Angler Gallery” offers you a chance to show off your own catches and share them with your friends and the rest of the LosAnglers community!

Along with information about the fish, also highlights information about popular fishing locations in Southern California and fishing locations with scenic views, surfing, shopping and dining. With a quick click you’ll be able to use to plan the perfect fishing trip for your buddies or your family, or look for a new fishing spot to call your own.

Finally, the “Questions and Anglers” section offers a moderated forum where you can ask questions and or provide advice to other anglers about fishing.

Putting it all together, is an exciting place that will help turn many diverse fishing groups of California into an active and supportive community!

We’re excited to see the LosAnglers community grow! Share what you think about the new website and what your favorite page is in the Comment section below!

Every season in Southern California is fishing season. To put it bluntly, the fish are always biting! It’s one of the things that makes saltwater fishing so special in our region, and FCEC wants to help you prepare for your future outings.

Take Me Fishing is a great website that FCEC highly recommends to all who love to fish or are just learning how. It’s a one-spot-stop resource that includes great information on where the fish are biting, how to buy a license, recent fishing news in blog posts, and one of FCEC’s favorites, ways to preserve our nation’s waterways.

Fishing and conservation go hand in hand. The healthier our waterways, the better the fish are. Take Me Fishing provides great tips on how to reduce water pollution as well as great ways to respect our natural resources by reducing litter, knowing appropriate regulations and great reasons to never waste the fish you catch.

Additionally, if you are a beginner angler, Take Me Fishing will do more than get you ready to cast that first line! They help you learn about fish species and their habitat. Want to learn how to tie and knot? They’ve got that too, as well as information about lures and other fishing necessities like the proper way to prepare the fish you catch and decide to keep.

Don’t be afraid to start fishing! Even if you are experienced, there is always something new to learn. Fishing is a lifelong endeavor and something the whole family can enjoy, so visit Take Me Fishing and share with us a bit about what you learned in the comment section below. And remember, be safe and have fun out there!


The at-risk communities we focus on here at FCEC are not often fluent in English, which makes the way we communicate that much more critical. As such, we recently rolled out an updated website that includes our online content in multiple languages.

We hope that this faster and all around better version of providing information in different languages on will have a positive impact on our outreach efforts and the community at-large. In addition to English, the site is now available in Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

And this is just the beginning! More added features are coming soon, including video content and other educational and promotional material. This is an exciting time for FCEC and we want to thank you for being a part of it. So be sure to check out our new language features on our website!

If you are reading this you’ve found our new FCEC blog, where we will be keeping you up to date and entertained with all the latest FCEC happenings.

This page will be a resource for all of our constituents and community partners, where we’ll be profiling and promoting the great work that they do to make our region a cleaner, healthier place to live. We’ll also highlight other related programs that are similar to FCEC and may be of interest to you.

Aside from all of this, we’ll be posting cool videos, news items, articles and other information pertaining to FCEC each and every week. The goal is to keep you engaged, so we hope you’ll enjoy this fun resource and come back often!

We encourage you to leave responses and email us suggestions about what you’d like this blog to present and cover. Our website is a resource tool for our community to help address contamination issues and protect public health. This blog, with your help, will greatly add to our overall effectiveness.

Come back soon!